Reflections WashU

Love Your Body and Live Healthy

ABOUT April 5, 2010

WHAT is Reflections?

            Reflections is a group formed by the sorority Delta Delta Delta with the purpose of providing awareness and peer support surrounding the issues of body image and disordered eating. On Washington University in St. Louis’ campus this group provides resources, support, information, and a positive influence in regards to body image confidence.

HOW does Reflections acheive their goal of awareness and positivity?

            Reflections puts on a variety of events which encourage students to think about their relationships with food and weight and attempt to make those relationships as positive as possible. Events include initiating Fat Talk Free Week, Love Your Body Days, bringing in educated speakers, freshman floor seminars, putting on Eating Disorder Awareness Week, and teaming up with other campus groups to provide awareness.

WHY is this important?

            Eating disorders affect millions of people worldwide. The largest group of those affected are women in their teens and early twenties. College women fall precisely in this category and the added effect of being away from home, in a new environment, and far away from established support systems tend to add to the liklihood of developing an eating disorder. Even among those who do not fall under the categorical considerations for an eating disorder, there are millions of women who are preoccupied with their weight and shape who often turn towards unhealthy diets and disordered eating techniques to control their weight.

HOW to get involved:

WashU’s group on campus accepts new members every fall. There is an application process followed by multiple interviews. We are always looking for students with a passion and new skills to contribute. It is a relatively small group of only around 16 members so everyone is extremely motivated and involved. I will post application instructions in the fall for those who are interested!

Click here to see current members and upcoming 2010-2011 positions: 


2 Responses to “ABOUT”

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