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The Triple Bind April 26, 2010

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Cover of the Triple Bind

I am always on the lookout for new media and resources that provide women with positive reinforcement in a culture that sexualizes, objectifies, and ignores women. I recently came across a review of The Triple Bind by another blogger at, I recommend checking the blog out! After reading her review and watching the video (I’ve attached it at the bottom) of the author speaking, I was really inspired. I visited the official site,, which gave me the following description of what is discussed in the book: 

  • Today’s trap: how internal conflict can turn self-repression into self-destruction
  • Nature versus nurture: genes, hormones, and the role of biology in confronting the triple bind
  • Life in the pressure cooker: overscheduled, overtaxed lives, and how the pressure to excel at everything sets girls up for crisis
  • When virtue is its own punishment: how traditionally feminine qualities like empathy, self-awareness, and verbal ability can put girls at risk of anxiety, depression, and other disorders
  • Getting all Pussycat Dolled up: the oversexualization of little girls, preteens, and teenagers
  • The wired child: how cyber culture exacerbates the triple bind
  • Girls who hit: the reasons girls are channeling pressure into violence
  • The plight of normal girls: hidden aspects of the triple bind crisis that don’t show up in statistics


Combining moving personal stories about girls and their families with extensive research into genetic risk, vulnerability, and cultural influence, Dr. Hinshaw provides strategies and tools for parents who want to empower their daughters to deal in healthy ways with today’s pressures.


Here’s a video of author Stephan Hinshaw discussing The Triple Bind:

I am going to have to wait until after finals 😦 to read it but let me know if you have read it and your opinion!


One Response to “The Triple Bind”

  1. I’ve been in contact with Dr. Hinshaw about potentially coming to speak here at WashU for next year’s Eating Disorder Awareness Week which would be great! Let me know if you read this book and your thoughts! Also let me know if you have other ideas for interesting and exciting speakers who could potentially come for EDAW- we want your input!

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