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Love Your Body and Live Healthy

E*D*A*W April 14, 2010





  • WHAT: Annual week bringing awareness to the issues surrounding disorder eating and exercise behaviors.


  • WHEN: Every spring we spend one week, generally in February and March, in which we sponsor numerous events on campus which provide students with free access to speakers, programs, assistance, performances, and resources regarding eating disorders and their accompanying issues.


  • HOW: Eating disorders are often ignored and by bringing in professionals with the right experience and resources we can provide students with knowledge they are lacking.

                                    Past examples:

                                             ** Miss Missouri came to speak about her personal experiences with eating disorders and loved 

                                                  ones, particularly within the pageant world

                                              **Dr. Melanie Katzman came to speak about the effects of eating disorders across cultures

                                              **NIA class: an exercise class encompassing the idea of self-comfort and mind and body connection

                                              **Panel of doctors focusing on bulimia and the effects and presense of exercise bulimia

  • WHAT NEXT? For next year’s EDAW we are looking for YOUR input. This week is about all WashU students and the influences on weight, food, and body that are of concern on our campus. Have a great speaker or topic you are interested in?- simply comment here and we will definitely take your ideas into consideration!

One Response to “E*D*A*W”

  1. SEE recent blog posts to learn about this year’s speakers and events! Also invite friends to our events on facebook through our event page “E*D*A*W- Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2011.” We can’t wait to see you there!

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