Reflections WashU

Love Your Body and Live Healthy


Getting to college is a huge adjustment from home. Suddenly there are no home-cooked meals, no limits on snacks, and late-night treats available everywhere. The combination of drinking and snacking and staying up late are what often lead to the dreaded “Freshmen Fifteen” followed by another sophomore three and then a junior two. . . May leave you unrecognizable by graduation. In order to avoid letting your new free and fun environment get the best of you, it is important to recognize what is in the food you are eating and the ways in which you can make healthier choices. While the fryer line may be a fast bet, the amount of time you’ll be spending working off that half-and-half is not always worth it.

I have investigated WashU’s dining guide at to investigate some of the best and worst choices there are for on campus eating. Some may be well-expected, while the hidden calories in dressings and sauces may come as an unfortunate surprise. Check it out and start eating, living, and feeling better about yourself and your body.


  • South 40


  • The DUC


  • The Village


  • Holmes


  • Ursa’s


  • Subway


  • Check out this blog about other easy ways to cook on campus:


  • Suffer from food allergies?



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