Reflections WashU

Love Your Body and Live Healthy

SOUTH 40 April 15, 2010



                    -Salad bar:

                              Good Choices:

                                              Chipotle Lime Ranch Dressing                         22 cals/ 2 oz                 2g fat

                                              Wishbone Italian Dressing                               20 cals/ 2 TBLS             0g fat

                                              Fresh vegetables

                               Worst Choices:

                                              Spicy Peanut Dressing                                      427 cals/ 2 oz               33g fat

                                              Seasame Ginger Miso Dressing                         399 cals/ 2 oz               42.2g fat

                                              Red-Wine Oregano (Greek) Dressing                  365 cals/ 2 oz               41.4g fat

                                              Caesar Dressing                                               323 cals/ 2 oz               36.2g fat

                  –Pasta bar:

                                 Good Choices:

                                              Marina sauce                                                       67 cals/ 3 oz                1.3g fat


                                 Worst Choices:

                                               Basil Pesto sauce                                               334 cals/ 3 oz             36.1g fat

                                               Alfredo sauce                                                     206 cals/3 oz              18.9g fat


                               Good Choices:

                                              Green Rice                                                            34 cals/ 1/2 cup         1.5g fat

                                              Pinto Beans                                                           93 cals/ 1/4 cup          1.5g fat

                                              Black Beans                                                           63 cals/ 2 oz                  0.3g fat


                              Good Choices:

                                          Soy Nuggets                                                              253 cals/ 6 nuggets         18.1g fat

                                          House Made Potato Chips                                         132 cals/ 4 oz                     5g fat

                                          Spanish Grilled Portobello Burger                                 289 cals/ 1 burger            5.6g fat

                                          Spicy Black Bean Burger                                            386 cals/ 1 burger            7g fat

                                         Chicken Soulvaki                                                        277 cals/ 4 oz                    19.9g fat

                                         Creole Blackened Tilapia                                            391 cals/1 order                12.2g fat

                             Worst Choices:

                                       Chicken Tenders                                                          677 cals/ 5 fingers            16.9g fat

                                       Mozzarella Sticks                                                          647 cals/ 6 sticks               33g fat

                                       Onion Rings                                                                   647 cals/ 7 zo                      44.7g fat

                                       Buffalo Wings                                                                 608 cals/ 1/2 pound         52.5g fat

                                      Creamy Blue Cheese Dressing                                          91 cals/ 1 oz                          8.4g fat

                –Snacks and Desserts:

                          Good Choices:

                                     Large Oatmeal Raisen Cookie                                          173 cals/ 1 cookie               7.5g fat

                                    Small Sugar Cookie                                                          160 cals/ 1 cookie               7g fat

                         Worst Choices:

                                      Large Chocolate Chip Cookie                                          338 cals/ 1 cookie             14.9g fat

                                     Medium Criossant                                                          241 cals/ 1 croissant         11g fat


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