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THE VILLAGE CAFE April 21, 2010


          Good Choices:

                    Balsalmic Grilled Vegetables                                                112 cals/ 4 oz     9.9g fat

                Beef and Vegetable Stir Fry with Seasame Oil                         279 cals/ 8 oz     15.3g fat

                Grilled Chicken Marinated Sandwich                                      368 cals/ 1 sandwich     7.8g fat

                    Turkey Burger                                                                     405 cals/ 1 sandwich     10.9g fat

                    Chicken and Vegetable Stir Fry with Seasame Oil                    456 cals/ 8 oz     30.1g fat

                    Chicken Philly                                                                      472 cals/ 1 sandwich     15.4g fat

                    Hamburger                                                                         489 cals/ 1 sandwich     17.4g fat

                    Caribbean Grilled Tilapia                                                     509 cals/ 4 oz     23.1g fat

                    Grilled Vegetables on Whole Wheat Pita                                 513 cals/ 1 pita     36.3g fat

          Worst Choices:

                    Chicken Tenders                                                                       677 cals/ 5 tenders     16.9g fat                   

                   Mozzarella Sticks                                                                     647 cals/ 6 sticks     33g fat        

                    Tator Tots                                                                               440 cals/ 6 oz     30.8g fat

                    French fries                                                                               451 cals/ 6 oz     28.2g fat

     -Salad and Sandwich Station:

          Good Choices:                    

                    Mustard Potato Salad                                                          135 cals/ 4 oz     7.3g fat

                     Mayonnaise Potato Salad                                                       142 cals/ 4 oz     7.2g fat

                    Tuscan Tuna Salad                                                             172 cals/ 4 oz     9.8g fat

                        Wild Sockeye Salmon Sandwich                                           348 cals/ 1 sandwich     11.2g fat

                    Chicken Salad Sandwich                                                    375 cals/ 1 sandwich     9.3g fat

                    Turkey and Brie Sandwich                                               397 cals/ 1 sandwich     10.2g fat

                    Greek Salad                                                                      483 cals/ 1 salad     45.7g fat

          Worst Choices:

                  Spinach and Brie Sandwich                                                   1307 cals/ 1 sandwich    39.1g fat

                  Italian Sub Sandwich                                                          893 cals/ 1 sandwich     47.8g fat  

                   Large Caesar Salad                                                            871 cals/ 15 oz     76.6g fat

                    Cobb Salad                                                                         685 cals/ 1 salad     58.9g fat

     -Sauces and Dressings:

          Good Choices:

                Tomato Lemongrass Sauce                                               19 cals/ 1 oz     0.8g fat

                Wishbone Italian Dressing                                                20 cals/ 2 TBS     0g fat

                Garlic Chili Sauce                                                             31 cals/ 1 oz     0.1g fat

                Thai Fish Sauce                                                                 32 cals/ 1 oz     0g fat

                Soy Vinaigrette                                                                 61 cals/ 1 oz     4.6g fat

                Homemade Ranch Dressing                                               75 cals/ 1 oz     6.9g fat

          Worst Choices:

                Teriyaki BBQ Sauce                                                         483 cals/ 4 oz     14.5g fat 

                Guacamole                                                                  339 cals/ 2 oz     15.8g fat

                Coconut Curry Sauce                                                       284 cals/ 4 oz     28.4g fat

                Caesar Dressing                                                         177 cals/ 1 oz     20.1g fat

                Balsalmic Vinaigrette                                                   177 cals/ 1 oz     19.3g fat           

                Garlic Oregano Dressing                                              152 cals/ 1 oz     16.9g fat     

                Red Wine Vinaigrette                                                 166 cals/ 1 oz     18.8g fat


           Good Choices:

                 Apple                                                                    81 cals/ 1 apple     0.5g fat

                Orange                                                                 91 cals/ 1 orange     0.6g fat

                Pear                                                                      96 cals/ 1 pear     0.2g fat

                Banana                                                                 105 cals/ 1 banana     0.4g fat

           Worst Choices:

                 Yogurt Pretzels                                                    563 cals/ 4 oz     25.3g fat

                 Large Chocolate Chip Cookie                              338 cals/ 1 cookie     14.9g fat

                 Rice Krispie Treat                                           325 cals/ 1 treat     13.1g fat


4 Responses to “THE VILLAGE CAFE”

  1. Melissa Says:

    THIS IS SO HELPFUL!! I have always wondered these things and, because of you, I can now make healthier choices!! Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. Orli Says:

    This is a blog?

    • Yeah, I created it as part of a project for a New Media Literacy class. But all the info and the idea behind it is to provide awareness about eating disorders and the resources available at WashU. You like? If you have any suggestions let me know, I’m still working on it…

  3. Andie Says:

    I really appreciate having all this information so easily accessible! I had no idea that the salads I’ve been eating are so fattening…this is definitely going to make it easier for me to make actually healthy choices!

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