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Ursa’s Cafe April 27, 2010

  • Ursa’s Cafe

 –Crepes, Quesadillas, and Wraps

                              Good Choices:

                                               Chinese Chicken Salad                       278 cals/1 order                 3.9g fat

                                              Mediterranean Quesadilla                    423 cals/ 1 order               24.2g fat

                                              Couscous, Tomato and Spinach Salad              424 cals/ 8 oz             27.1g fat

                                              Three Cheese Quesadilla                      533 cals/ 1 order               30.1g fat

                                              Garden Vegetable Salad                       581 cals/ 1 order                21.7g fat

                                              Garden Quesadilla                                604 cals/ 1 order                 38.8g fat

                               Worst Choices:

                                             Blue Caesar Wrap                                           880 cals/ 1 wrap                58.4g fat

                                             Thai Wrap                                                     874 cals/ 1 wrap                 44g fat

                                             MexiCali Quesadilla                                        823 cals/ 1 order               57.2g fat 

                                              Buffalo Quesadilla                                       798 cals/1 order                 58.1g fat

                                              Southwest Wrap                                        754 cals/ 1 wrap                   39g fat

                                              BBQ Wrap                                                  720 cals/ 1 wrap               30g fat 

                                              Banana Dessert Crepe                                   714 cals/ 1 crepe               46.4g fat

                                             Greek Wrap                                                 697 cals/ 1 wrap               39g fat

                                              Blueberry Dessert Crepe                                644 cals/ 1 crepe              36.3g fat

                                              Strawberry Dessert Crepe                                614 cals/ 1 crepe               36.1g fat

                                              Caprese Quesadilla                                       610 cals/ 1 order               36.9g fat


                                 Worst Choices:

                                               Chocolate Shake                                        840 cals/ 14 oz             55.2g fat

                                               Vanilla Shake                                            840 cals/ 14 oz                55.2g fat


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