Reflections WashU

Love Your Body and Live Healthy

LOVE YOUR BODY April 14, 2010


  embracing what you were born with

                                                                            treating your body right

                                 never letting anyone else tell you you’re not good enough

                                                                                                                               believing in your own power

                   dancing around in your room and letting yourself go

                                                                                                     avoiding negative self-talk

                                         surrounding yourself with positive people

  believing you’re beautiful and not being afraid to admit it      

                                                                                                                    treating yourself with respect

setting goals for yourself

                                                                                                                           singing your praises

                                                                                                   caring enough to treat yourself well

becoming the person you want to be                                                                  

                                                                                        never being afraid to stand up for yourself

                                                                         living life to its fullest                                                  never holding back

                            laughing out loud and not caring who hears

                                                                                     embracing your inner and outer beauty

                 feeling comfortable in your own skin

                                                                                      taking risks

                                                                                            LOVING your body


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